AVY Yoga

Discover the various disciplines of yoga with certified teachers Isabella Anastasi, Fabiola Delliponti and Alessia Degiampietro of the AVY Trento amateur sports association.

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Welcome to the upside down world

This is the place where the hands become the feet. Come and find out how in our verticalism courses!

What is verticalism?
It is a circus discipline that studies the vertical at 360°, an element present in many other disciplines such as artistic gymnastics, yoga, calisthenics, capoeira etc.

What will you do with us?
Technique. Flexibility. Physical training.
A trained team will follow you through specific strengthening, flexibility and targeted mobility and handstand technique.

What will you need?
Constance. I commit. Determination.
If you lack these necessary ingredients, no big deal: you will build them together with the technicians and your companions, ready to work hard and joke with you.

No prerequisites are required, the classes are divided by level.

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Massages with Chiara

Come and discover the benefits of Tuina Massage and reflexology to find the energy you need.

Tuina belongs to Chinese medicine and offers a complete treatment path taking into account the symptoms, external manifestations, emotional implications, lifestyle and the importance of prevention.

I use safe and non-invasive tools to restore your health and to help you keep it in dynamic balance through personalized treatments.

I am Nacura, the natural cure you need to manifest your energy.

For info contact Chiara 3493210017

Physiotherapy sessions

Do you suffer from muscle, tendon, finger or joint pain that limits or prevents you from climbing?

Don’t worry!

The prevention and treatment of injuries for climbers are important, but often the problems related to the world of climbing are not specifically known.

For this reason we decided to start a collaboration with a professional in the sector, Climber and FASI Instructor, ALBERTO REGOLA.

Physiotherapist, COMT, specialized in musculoskeletal disorders, pathologies and rehabilitation in climbing through a personalized assessment and treatment approach.

For info and appointments WhatsApp message to Alberto 3479905157