Every month we renew a sector of the gym with bouldering of all levels of difficulty, which means that everyone, no matter if beginner or professional, big or small, will always find new challenges!

Below you can see what section of the will be renovated.

Section: Easy Zone + Finferlo (50 Boulder): 30 August Brisa (30 Boulder): 28 June Medium Zone (40 Boulder): 21 June Extreme zone (30 Boulder): 23 August Magic Mushroom left side (30 Boulder): 14 June Magic Mushroom right side (24 Boulder): 7 July
Zona Easy + Finferlo (50 Boulder):28 n0vembre

Brisa (30 Boulder):7 novembre
Zona Medium (40 Boulder):21 novembre
Zona Extreme (30 Boulder):7 novembre
Magic Mushroom sx (30 Boulder): 24 ottobre
Magic Mushroom dx (24 Boulder):

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